Staying on the keto diet full-time can be demanding, especially around the holidays. “Let’s be realistic. I know you’re probably not going to give up your favorite holiday pie or cookies,” says Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, aka The Nutrition Myth Buster. “But there are a few tricks to use over the next few months.”

The keto diet encourages followers to cut their carb intake and include more fats in their diet. Cutting down on carbs has once again been shown to be heart-healthy. A 12-month human clinical study involving 577 healthy participants found that a high-carb diet was more likely to increase an otherwise healthy person’s heart disease risk factors than a high-fat diet. Fat didn’t move the needle one way or the other. Considering heart attack rates go up in the winter, this is a good time to stay the course and limit the sugar-laden and bready seasonal treats.

When it comes to boosting fat intake, however, there’s a naughty way and a nice way. Some fats are healthier than others. Most of the participants in the study mentioned above consumed Malaysian palm oil, which is 50% saturated fat (and 40% monounsaturated fat, the same kind found in olive oil!).