Here’s the latest in nutrition news to keep you at the top of your diet game, plus a seven-day challenge to tackle if your nutrition regimen could use a refresher.

An A+ for Artichokes

Though they’re funny-looking, artichokes are a nutritional powerhouse, with plenty of Vitamins C and K, Folate and Magnesium. They also contain inulin, a prebiotic fiber to nourish your good gut bacteria, as well as Cynarin, a compound that helps stimulate bile production and improves the digestion of fats, according to the British Journal of Nutrition.

Regularly Happy

Generally speaking, “the change” (e.g., menopause) is not a happy time for women. Your hormones are on a roller coaster, your periods are irregular, and you have hot flashes, insomnia and moodiness. Fortunately, a new study of nearly 6,000 women published in the journal Menopause found that those with a high intake of dietary fiber were less likely to experience depression, which is common among menopausal women.