Vitamins and nutrients play an undeniably important role in our daily lives. For example, Vitamin C encourages healing within the body, boosts immunity, helps iron absorb into our systems, etc. Vitamin B12 on the other hand promotes red blood cell formation and boosts nerve function, often making us feel clear headed and energized. While these vitamins and nutrients are among many that improve how we feel overall, they’re especially important to those who struggle with illness or deficiencies – anemia, heart disease, insomnia, osteoporosis etc. 

Whether you fall into the “healthy looking to stay healthy” or “hoping to improve health” category, there is one things everyone can agree on – the vitamins and nutrients you take need to work for you, and work well. Purchasing health and wellness products that are ineffective and low in quality can mean the difference between a good day and a bad day, especially for a person with an illness. The only thing more painful to waste than money is time.

Orally ingested vitamins with low bioavailability {link to bioavailability blog2} are becoming a thing of the past. Eirtree’s skin spray technology assures that each “click” of their pharmaceutical grade metered sprayer measures out to a specific dose. Each dose promises an absorption rate of 99.9% into the system in just a few minutes. This towers over the capabilities of the oral ingestion method, some with only 6% absorption rate over a much longer timespan. 

A recent cost analysis Eirtree did describes the wasteful nature of oral vitamins and nutrients. A 1500 Mg bottle of full spectrum hemp containing 50% of the active ingredient/nutrient you’re seeking leaves you with 750 Mg to work with per bottle. 750 Mg of active ingredient absorbing at a 6% rate leaves your system benefitting from only 45mgs out of the entire 1500 Mg bottle. The math here becomes simple – oral ingestion can be a massive waste of product and money.

Eirtree’s skin spray technology passes through the skin quickly and effectively, giving you peace of mind, and allowing you to focus more on how you feel. Are you able to dodge cold and flu season with a daily dose of Vitamin C? Can you nail the 8:00am sales pitch with a fast acting spray of Vitamin B12? Maybe you can skip the jetlag on that first day of vacation with Hypo Melatonin. 

Its time to rethink how our bodies ingest and react to vitamins and nutrients. Eirtree provides an effective, accurate and sustainable alternative to the everyday vitamin fix with skin spray technology. Since saving money fits into every lifestyle, their no-waste products allow us to invest ourselves in more good days.

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