The following is an editorial review of Performance Inspired Pure Energy & Endurance Preworkout Formula as part of the magazine's Fit 360 program, which gives consumers the best available product information all in one place, through independent editorial and reader reviews, and verified consumer ratings. 

Oxygen Magazine Review

Full disclosure: I am a preworkout-drink wimp. Most formulas I have tried give me the shakes and the jitters if I take their recommended dose, so I always begin with a half-dose at the most with caffeinated products.

So that being said, I used a half-scoop of the strawberry kiwi flavor on day one, which was really tasty and had none of that almost metallic bite a lot of other preworkouts have. And even though it contains 30 milligrams of niacin there was no itching or blotchiness that a mega dose of niacin can deliver.

My workout that first day was pretty solid, so I tried a half scoop over each of the next several days to see if I was getting consistent results. For the most part I was, save one day where I only slept three hours total the night before. Not even an IV of caffeine could have helped me that day.

Overall Performance Inspired Pure Energy & Endurance Preworkout Formula was a nice, even keeled drink and I did not experience any wide-eyeballed hyper-alertness or the immediate need to run sixty miles à la Forrest Gump. The one thing I question, though, is this: The “energy blend” ingredient contains mucana pruriens, a bean whose extracts have been studied most for their efficacy in treating Parkinson’s disease and male infertility. (Things that make you go hmm…) Yes, the beans also contain L-Dopa which is a precursor to dopamine, but if you’re exercising correctly you should be getting that “runner’s high” with nary a bean in sight.

—Lara McGlashan, Editor-in-Chief