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Our world was turned upside down when the COVID-19 pandemic hit – and we still had to balance work, family and day-to-day activities. On Our Sleeves’ Parenting in the Pandemic with Dr. Parker answers your questions about parenting and supporting children’s mental health during this time – from school stress, to anxiety, managing relationships, and more.

School Stress

Of the many challenges parents are facing due to COVID-19, balancing traditional roles with new and ever-changing expectations might be causing the most distress. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions!

Annalise, CA: How do we establish balance for children when they are expected to spend more time sitting still in front of a screen but yet have minimal interaction with peers which is vital for development?

Dr. Parker: This issue is one many have been challenged with this year, including in my house! Balance is the key word here. I suggest you have a schedule for each school day. It can be more or less rigid depending on what you think your child(ren) need. Here are some examples to get you started.

They key is to ensure there are times in the day for exercise, play and socialization. When we think about what kids are missing, it's the shared experiences of being together at school or afterschool activities and playtime. We need to be more creative than usual about ways to give our children social time.