This article originally appeared in Travel+Leisure.

RV travel has never gone out of style, but it’s certainly experiencing a boost this year. And where there’s a trend, there’s always a way to one-up it.

Enter Harvest Hosts, a membership-based network that allows users to stray away from the usual RV parks, and instead stay for free at over 1,200 wineries, breweries, farms, and other attractions across North America, Matador Network reports. Each host site has its appeal, but some of the more unique options include an aviation museum, a wildlife rescue facility, a moonshine distillery, an alligator ranch, and a maple sugar farm.

Access to all of these sites is affordable, too. An annual membership costs $79, which is equivalent to the average price of two to three nights at a budget-friendly RV park, according to RV rental firm Cruise America. For an additional $40 per year, RV travelers can also add 350 golf courses and country clubs to their membership, according to Matador Network.