Feel like 2020 has lasted three years? We asked five experts to create rut-busting inner peace routines to help usher in the new year and some renewed energy.

Twenty-twenty felt like an epic dystopian novel come to life. A global pandemic,  murder hornets, and a recession (to name a few) have left our zen heading for the hills. (Even meditation master Deepak Chopra has struggled to make sense of the collective chaos, writing in a CNBC op-ed: “In a time of crisis, the impulse is to go into emergency mode, fear, concern, and panic.”)

As we say good riddance to this turbulent year, we’re setting our sights on 2021 by swapping out traditional year-end customs with novel reset rituals designed to give us fresh ways to ground ourselves, even as the world continues to rock the very earth beneath our feet. And given typical New Year’s resolutions are said to have an 80 percent failure rate, there’s even less motivation to end an unusual year in the usual way.

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