Let’s be real. Some days, the gym is crazy busy, and moving from one piece of equipment to the next is a lesson in extreme patience. That’s why it’s important to have a workout readily available that will target the entire body with only one bench so you can find a corner in the gym and get to work without wasting time.

Why It Works: The combination of resistance training and plyometrics is guaranteed to ramp up your heart rate, leading to superior calorie burn, muscle stimulation and fitness adaptations. The following exercises target major muscle groups, which leads to more calories burned during, and after, your gym session.

Equipment: Bench or box

How-To: Perform each exercise in the first circuit 15 to 20 times, resting 10 to 15 seconds in between exercises and 90 to 120 seconds in between sets. After completing the first circuit, move on to the second. Aim to complete three rounds of each circuit.