When was the last time you considered your hair health? We wash our hair, sure, but have we thought about what makes our hair healthy? In this article, yours truly, Adam Von Rothfelder, will go over how collagen can help stop graying hair.

Collagen is crucial for your body’s health. It is the most abundant source of protein in your body. Ligaments, tendons, and your skin can all give praise to the mighty collagen, the king of connective tissues. 

Yes, your body does produce this amino acid, but it can also be found in collagen supplements. Many are in the form of collagen powders. Among the listed benefits of collagen is the promotion of healthy, strong hair.

When we get older, it’s no secret that our body begins to drop the amount of collagen being produced. This impacts the appearance of our skin and hair.

Hair. It can be our best friend making us look cooler than we could ever imagine, or it can be our worst enemy making us look like we don’t know the first thing about self-care.