Surfing in Baja. Summit-to-sea skiing in Alaska. Hiking in Death Valley. There’s no shortage of epic adventures to be had in winter. We’ve rounded up our favorite trips to make sure you get your fill of thrills.

Whether you’re craving snow or sun, we’ve got you covered. We scoured North America, the Caribbean, and Mexico to come up with close-to-home destinations brimming with fun for any type of traveler—from slopeside lodging to vintage Airstreams to timeless backcountry huts. Enjoy.

Explore the Caribbean Island That Time Forgot

Bequia is the destination for people who are tired of the same old beach vacation. First off, it’s an island few have heard of and most people mispronounce (bek-way, if you really want to know). There are just 5,000 people that live on the seven-square-mile spit of land, and the locals treat visitors as if they’re hosting a family friend. They’ll drive you around in the back of their pickup, take you to the island’s ramshackle turtle nursery, or chat with you about life on the only island in the Caribbean that still has an aboriginal whale hunt each year. The volcanic island has just a handful of hotels, the newest of which is the Liming Bequia (from $550), an upscale resort that feels more like staying at a family compound than a five-star retreat, thanks to its size—just nine villas, currently—and the island’s overall small-town vibe. During the day, hike Bequia’s highest peak for a bird’s eye view of the stunning Princess Margaret Beach (named after the royal when she visited in the 1950s), or charter a boat for the 30-minute ride to the private island of Mustique, where you can swim with turtles and snag lunch at Basil’s Bar, a Caribbean cult favorite lunch spot. But the allure of Bequia is just being there, relishing in the warm blue waters and that end-of-the-world feel that comes from a place that’s closer to Venezuela than Puerto Rico and gets hit with the occasional dust cloud drifting over from the Sahara. It feels adventurous, even if you do just veg out on the beach. —Ryan Krogh