Spring break doesn’t have to mean dealing with vodka-soaked undergrads on the touristy beaches of Mexico. And it definitely doesn’t mean putting up with sticky-fingered kids and their parents queuing up in hour-long lines for theme park rides at Disney World. As North America shakes off its winter blahs, a solid spring weekend vacation is on everyone’s mind.

Good thing there are easily accessible destinations all over the United States, Canada, and Mexico serving as spots to warm up, get active, or unplug. Plus, spring travel is a great way to explore before you have to contend with the summer heat and hordes of vacationers—especially as the snow starts melting and nature starts blooming. (Although it’s not just warm-weather places that beckon; you can still shred fresh powder all the way through April.)

If you’re looking for spring-break inspiration, try one of these 50 spring vacation destinations for 2019. From the cherry blossom-lined streets of Washington, D.C. to California’s lesser known wine regions (looking at you, Paso Robles), these are the best places to head for a quick getaway—especially one that doesn’t require missing more than a day of work.