There are infinite ways to experience New York City, and your perspective is largely influenced by the nature of your stay: A business traveler will have a vastly different experience than the art lover, the theatre buff, the budget traveler, and so forth. And this is precisely what gives the city its pulse. In a single subway car, you have 100 different perspectives on life. It’s dynamic, frenetic, and stimulating—none of which makes it any easier to find the best hotels in New York City.

That’s because the hotel can also greatly influence your perspective on the city—and a bad hotel will sour the entire trip. In a city as densely packed as New York, finding a hotel that actually cares about your wellbeing (and not just cashing in on your dollars) is a tall order. Not to mention finding a decent place in a good location on a budget is a fine art.

Allow us to help you narrow the search, based on the nature of your stay. Below are our picks for the best hotels in NYC, based on things like location, objective, budget, comfort, travel plans, and more. There’s surely something for you—or maybe multiple options, for the various ways you want to devour the Big Apple.