This article originally appeared in Well+Good.

As a woman with cerebral palsy, I know how difficult it can be to stay active, especially while social distancing.  Most gyms are either closed or operating at limited capacity, and (particularly for anyone with a compromised immune system), even going to the park or the track comes with the risk of contracting COVID-19. In the past, I’ve fallen for the trap that as a Disabled person I am only worthy if I am conquering physical feats that stun people without disabilities, and I also know how easy it is to turn to exercise for unhealthy reasons

During these last few months, when exercising has proven to be more logistically challenging than usual, I have tried out different workouts for the purpose of finding what feels best for my body and what I enjoy, rather than focusing on achieving a certain goal or pushing my body to its limits. For this reason, I am thankful that YouTube workouts exist.