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Similar to how a college professor can either make you fall in love with a topic or hate it with a burning passion, a fitness instructor can certainly make or break your workout. Take a spin class with a drill sergeant-esque teacher, and you might become totally winded after just five minutes on the bike. Sign up for a treadmill class with an easygoing coach, and you might feel like you didn’t reach your full potential. And at the end each, you'll either feel so frustrated that you vow to never take their class again — or worse, you could call it quits on that type of class completely. Ugh.

But when it comes to Peloton classes, it doesn’t have to be this way. Instead of randomly selecting a workout for the day, let this manual to the best Peloton instructors guide you. The cheat sheet, based on reviews from Reddit users and Shape Squad members, will tell you the best Peloton coach for your workout style. And by using it to decide which trainers will give you the exact motivation, music, and attitude you need, you’ll be more likely to actually *enjoy* your virtual class — and maybe even hit a new PR.