The longer days and warmer temperatures of spring make it a perfect time to hit the road and explore before summer crowds arrive. While camping during springtime can be a bit of a gamble, with inclement weather and cold nights, a fully outfitted adventuremobile can take you and your squad wherever you want to go—and keep everyone warm and dry.

Before selling your house and going all in on #vanlife though, it’s worth considering renting the perfect camper van or RV for your next road trip. Depending on the type of trip you’re planning, the destinations you hope to explore, and the number of people in your adventure pod, there’s a bunch of different options available out there when it comes to renting the perfect rig. Here are a few of our favorites that are worth checking out.

Best For: Road Trippers on a Budget
Escape Camper Vans

Rental Locations: Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Denver, Phoenix, Atlanta, Miami, New York.

Escape Camper Vans offer a more standardized fleet with the added benefit of being able to pick up a van at one of its hub cities and drop it off in a different city after your trip, along with offering some of the most competitive pricing options available. Rates start at $33/day in the low season but vary depending on the vehicle model, time of year, pick-up/drop-off location, and the length of your trip. Founded in 2009 by Rob Mewton—an entrepreneur, surfer, and traveler from New Zealand—Escape Camper Vans currently has 13 locations in the U.S. and over 600 vans in operation. All of the vans are fairly basic, offering the bare essentials allowing you to hit the road and call home wherever you park it without overstuffing the rig with stuff you don’t need. They also offer local knowledge and travel tips. In true Kiwi style, each of the vans is covered with bright, custom artwork that help personalize the vans and the renter’s experience while serving as conversation pieces to help you meet fellow vagabond travelers. –KD