You go to the gym, work out, you sweat. You lose those precious electrolytes that your body needs for optimal performance. 

That’s why it’s crucial to understand the importance of staying hydrated. Our bodies are 60 percent water. And we’re constantly losing water and fluids through simple everyday activities and after workouts. Those fluids are vital for helping remove waste, absorbing nutrients, and regulating our body temperatures. Maintaining a good balance of fluids and nutrients is of utmost importance. 

That’s where electrolytes come in.

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals essential to our body’s proper functioning. Not only are they necessary to help us stay hydrated, but they help with muscle contraction and blood pressure. 

They are crucial in the proper functioning of our nervous system and in keeping muscles functioning.

Plus, they help our bodies retain the fluid that we lose during heavy workouts so that we are able to maintain our energy and avoid fatigue related to dehydration.     

That’s why it’s so groundbreaking that we put electrolytes in our post-workout BCAA!

The importance of BCAAs

BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, are three of the nine essential amino acids. Our bodies need amino acids to make protein, which is necessary for muscle growth and general health. 

These three branched-chain amino acids—named because of their branched molecular structure—are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Leucine is essential for protein synthesis. It helps with muscle growth, and it repairs and helps regulate blood sugar. Isoleucine helps in wound healing and stimulates the body’s immune function. Valine helps in energy production and the prevention of the breakdown of muscle. 

Our bodies cannot make these essential amino acids, so we must get them from our diets. Foods such as meat, fish, nuts, eggs, dairy, and legumes all contain these nutrients. That’s why we created our BCAA powder with electrolytes!

Not only is PI’s BCAA the best on the market, but we added extras to give you the best product possible. Along with the addition of electrolytes, we added 5g of L-glutamine, which is important for muscle recovery and lean mass growth. And we added 500mg of taurine for metabolic support, muscle strength, and endurance. 

Recovery is vital

This post-workout BCAA betters your overall health, as you could damage your body when you don’t allow it to rest and heal after a workout. Allowing your body time to heal, and building it up with essential nutrients, aids in muscle growth and facilitates the healing of the little muscle tears that come as a result of strenuous workouts. 

Taken after a workout, our BCAA supplement helps with recovery, helps reduce fatigue, and improves endurance. 

Available in all-natural Berry Fruit Blast and Tropical Mango Delight, this mix—which you can add to your favorite drink—tastes great!

As with all our products, the BCAA contains no artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors. Like all of our products, it contains natural ingredients that are good for you and taste great. Plus, it’s stimulant-free, so you can drink it anytime and not feel jittery. 

So, treat your body well, and help replenish the nutrients that you lose through your workouts. Try PI’s BCAA and see what a difference it makes in your overall health.