This article originally appeared in Shape.

You don't have to schlep to the gym to fit in a heart-pounding workout (especially with all these new at-home workout innovations)-but if you're an apartment-dweller, a circuit involving tuck jumps and medicine ball slams likely won't go over well with your neighbors. Instead, follow this workout that Katie Austin, trainer and creator of an eponymous fitness app, made especially for anyone who wants to keep their workout hush-hush. With no jumping or equipment involved, you'll keep your noise level to an absolute minimum. (Related: The 5-Minute At-Home Workout for Strong, Sexy Arms)

Don't assume this circuit is easy just because it's quiet and low-impact. You'll fire up your legs and glutes with a hefty dose of squats, kicks, and lunges, and reap the fat-burning benefits of a HIIT tempo. So go ahead: Slay a tough workout and keep the peace with your neighbors-or at least save your energy for more important conflicts. (Prefer classes? These boutique studios offer at-home streaming classes.)

How it works: Perform each move with the indicated amount of rest in between. Repeat for a total of 3 rounds.