This article originally appeared in MindBodyGreen.

You probably already know that even the same type of vegetable can deliver a slightly skewed flavor profile. Example: Ever had a crunchy, flavorful, almost juicy carrot, as opposed to a bland one that feels chalky and bone-dry? It's like you can taste the flavonoids and nutrients in the former, while the latter simply, well, lacks luster. 

So how do you grace your taste buds with the aforementioned delicious carrot? According to Dan Barber, award-winning chef and co-owner of Blue Hill Farm, it's all about the soil: "You can't get truly jaw-dropping, delicious flavor, unless it's from good, biologically active soil," he explains on this episode of the mindbodygreen podcast.

Below, he unpacks the link between nutrition and flavor and offers his pro tips to curate the tastiest veggies, every time.