These 4 Barre Exercises Can Help You Avoid Injury & Improve Balance

This article originally appeared in MindBodyGreen.


The beauty of barre classes is the opportunity to work on balance. As we grow older, balance is something we tend to see decrease. Ankle mobility declines, and standing on one leg seems to happen less and less. Balancing is not something we often do daily, unless it's the work/life balance we are talking about! So, it is important to build strength to allow ourselves to stay stable and strong. 

Why is balance important?

  • To prevent injury caused by falling
  • Helps our body move more optimally
  • Maintain body awareness and agility 
  • Supports joint stability

The ballet barre was created for ballerinas to be used as a tool for support, to build strength and flexibility in order to take the skills learned away from the barre, and eventually onstage. The dancers would start at an early age facing the barre for the most support, and as strength increases, the same skills are executed with just one hand on the barre. As a ballet class progresses, the barre exercises are then done in the center of the room and then across the floor. The end result is showcasing these skills of agility, strength, and flexibility on the stage. 


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