I've combined two kid-friendly classics—cheeseburgers and sloppy Joes—to make a meal no picky kid could resist. The best part? There are veggies hiding in the meat! But not to worry—the kids won't even notice.

I've talked to so many parents about the challenges of getting their finicky children to eat their veggies. It's actually one of the most common problems parents face at the dinner table. The good news is that most children eventually outgrow their picky palates. In fact, as a kid I remember I was a pretty particular eater myself. I remember many night sitting at the dinner table pushing my peas and carrots around on my plate waiting to be excused from the table.

But rather than fighting with my kids and coaxing them to eat something they don't like, my solution is to hide the good stuff in some of their favorite meals. In this dish I created a nutrient-packed sauce by pureeing the veggies in with the tomato sauce. I used onions, carrots, and red bell pepper, and avoided anything green because (as I am sure you know) most picky kids won't touch the green stuff.