This article originally appeared in Well+Good.

The fitness industry often portrays exercise as something that's one-size-fits-all, with modifications mentioned as an afterthought, if at all. This makes it hard to ditch the mindset that scaling a movement equates to weakness, and that you're not getting the same benefits... which is absolutely not true.

In this episode of Trainer of the Month Club, Kelsey Lindell, a personal trainer and disability advocate, demos a lower body barre workout with modifications. "If you haven't noticed, I am missing half my left arm. So because of that modifications are really important to me," says Lindell. "Whatever modifications you need to take, take them. I'll give them as we go...If you ever need to take a modification, remember it doesn't mean that you can't do the workout, it doesn't mean that you're not strong enough. It means you're listening to your body, and that's how we get the strongest."