This article originally appeared in Shape.

Whether you've been a Jennifer Lopez stan since her Maid in Manhattan days or you were late to the game, only grasping the extent of her prowess after seeing Hustlers, you know J. Lo loves a tough workout.

The singer truly conquers every workout she comes up against, according to her former trainer, David Kirsch, celebrity fitness trainer and ambassador for infrared sauna product company MiHIGH. "Jennifer is incredibly focused and disciplined when it comes to her workouts," he says. "Nothing was ever too hard or too challenging for her to try or do." (See: How Shakira and J.Lo Trained for Their Halftime Performance)

Curious what kind of workouts Lopez is crushing, exactly? Be curious no more! Below, Kirsch shares one of the full-body circuits he put Lopez through when they were training together. You'll just need a few basic pieces of equipment to complete this workout, so you can give it a try whether you're in the gym or your living room. (Related: Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Her Abs In a Gym Selfie to Celebrate Her Birthday)