This article originally appeared in Shape.

Based on runners' breathlessness and sweat-drenched t-shirts after powering through sprint workouts, it's easy to assume that pounding the pavement (or belt) is a form of cardio that simply can't be topped.

But IRL, running isn't necessarily the absolute best cardio exercise, says Brianna Bernard, a certified personal trainer and Isopure Athlete. "The right type of cardio is the thing that you're going to show up and do every day and whatever your body responds well to," she explains. "If you hate running or your knees hurt while doing it, then it's not the right form of exercise for you... it doesn't mean you throw in the towel. It means you pick a new [move]."

One option: Low-impact cardio, a style of exercise that gets your heart rate up without hurting your joints. Here, Bernard breaks down the reasons why low-impact cardio can be a beneficial component of your routine — even if you're injury-free — and how to incorporate her go-to moves into a killer workout.