The human body’s outer layer is an amazingly unique canvas of divots and crinkles with a very important purpose – to keep our insides, well, in. The skin is rough yet sensitive, thin but mighty, and communicates quickly to what lies underneath it. The team at Eirtree Health see these qualities in our body’s largest organ as a solution to the major absorption limitations oral and topical vitamins and supplements come with. 

In an effort to create the most efficient product possible, Eirtree’s products seek to avoid a phenomenon called “first pass metabolism” where a pill or capsule is ingested, but only a small portion of the active ingredient is actually absorbed by the system. This is a waste of product and a waste of money for the user. Passing vitamins through the skin avoids digestion entirely, but takes some molecular maneuvering to make sure it passes through efficiently and ends up in the right place. Easy enough, yes? Science says, no. 

Here’s where the help of world leading chemists and over twenty years of scientific research and clinical studies come in to play. What might seem like a simple spray to the skin is actually a revolutionary molecular technology set into carefully coordinated motion the moment it interacts with your skin. Unlike oil and water based topical treatments, which are shielded against penetrating our system by lipids in the skin cells, the ingredients in EirTree’s products are manufactured using ingredients that work with the skin. {can you provide and high level info about the compounds used - maybe how it differs from oil/water based products, or bypasses protection from lipids in skin cells?)

Eirtree’s spray technology delivers vitamins and nutrients through the skin at a rate that is 99.9% as effective as a straight injection. This avoids “first pass metabolism” entirely, and works quickly too. Eirtree’s products are recorded to deliver 99.9% through the skin within one minute – much faster than orally administered supplements and without debates we have with a pill: morning vs evening, empty vs full stomach, etc. 

A health and wellness product that has mastered the ability to use high quality, pure ingredients in tandem with efficient and precise molecular delivery has “cracked the code” not just scientifically, but also to a perfect consumer experience. Eirtree’s skin spray technology opens the door to a newfound confidence in the vitamins and nutrients we use and how we use them, and perhaps confidence is a good way to start cracking a few codes of your own.

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