Make the holidays merry, bright—and sweet—with these low- and no-sugar desserts.

Holiday sweets can add up to unwanted carbohydrates. But there is a way to have your cake and eat it too with ingredients that won’t spike blood sugar. We’ve come up with some memorable treats to add to your recipe files that use sugar-free sweeteners, low-glycemic sweeteners, and low- and no-carbohydrate flours. Not getting together with family this year? You can still share the joy of holiday desserts! Wrap them up and leave on friends’ and family members’ doorsteps.

Best Sugar Alternatives

Erythritol, monkfruit, stevia, inulin, and allulose work best in these recipes. When the recipe calls for confectioners’ sweetener, try using your blender to pulverize the no-calorie granulated sweeteners into a fine powder.