During these dreary gray days of winter, few of us can escape the plight of dry skin. If you live in a cold climate, damage to your face, hands and feet from dry, wintry air is so realLiz Kennedy, most easily recognized for her role as makeover guru on The Steve Harvey Show, is a bicoastal beauty expert who splits her time between New York and Los Angeles. Here, Kennedy gives the lowdown on easy and effective ways to keep skin damage and dryness at bay, especially during the harsh months of January, February and March.

Get a Humidifier (or Two)

The cold, dry air of winter can cause your skin to literally break. Investing in a high-quality humidifier for your bedroom or multiple rooms in your house (depending on your budget) can be a godsend. A good humidifier can replace moisture loss and keep the outer layer of your skin well-hydrated. Enhance the effects of your humidifier by adding lavender or eucalyptus to the water. “Essential oils are a great way to help you calm down at the end of a long day and can enhance your sleep. It’s such an easy thing to do, we often forget about it,” Kennedy says.