Transitioning to Plant-Based Foods

Transitioning to Plant-Based Foods

Even if you’re ready and eager to begin incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, it’s important not to jump in blindly — implementing these strategies will make a smooth transition.

Hit the Market

For the freshest finds with the most flavor, consider loading up on plant foods from a local farmers market. After all, nobody is going to be excited about eating more plants if they are faced with limp kale from the supermarket.

Because most foods at markets are harvested close to their selling date, they can be more nutrient-dense than imports on store shelves. Plus, farmers markets are a great place to discover unusual foods that can add excitement to your diet. When you see ground cherries and purple kohlrabi, don’t walk past — soon your kitchen will have Instagram-ready earthenware bowls overflowing with a rainbow of farmers market roughage.