You’ve probably heard it a lot lately: We’re all sitting too much. We know that we need to get moving—one of the worst things you can do to your body is sit too much—but how much activity is enough?

The good news is, you don’t need to be an ultrarunner in order to have a healthy dose of cardio daily (although, that would do the trick). A simple 30-minute walk is all it takes to reap the many benefits—like living longer—of movement. A 2018 study conducted at the University of Sydney found that walking at a mild, average pace reduced all-cause mortality by 20 percent. That same study found that walking a brisk or fast pace reduced all-cause mortality by 24 percent. And those benefits only increased the older the participant in the study was.

“Especially in situations when walking more isn’t possible due to time pressures or a less walking-friendly environment, walking faster may be a good option to get the heart rate up—one that most people can easily incorporate into their lives,” said professor Emmanuel Stamatakis, lead author of the study.

Cardio, of course, is great for your heart and your cardiovascular health, but there are a few more benefits in going on a short walk every day—especially for runners.