It’s long been believed that aging makes losing weight more difficult. As you leave your 20s and 30s behind, your metabolism slows down. Your body’s balance of lean tissue and fat can change. A 2013 review noted that it’s normal to gain between one to two pounds per year as you get older. Aging can even bring increased risk for obesity and weight-related health concerns. 

With all of these changes, losing weight becomes challenging – or so it seemed. A new research study, however, is turning this conventional wisdom upside down. Your age may not play as much of a role in your ability to lose weight as you thought. 

Weight loss can be accomplished at any age

A research study published in Clinical Endocrinology is changing assumptions about weight loss and age. In this study, researchers observed 242 individuals divided into two groups: under 60 years old and between 60 and 78 years old. All of the participants were diagnosed with morbid obesity and BMIs of 40 or higher. 

Both groups had their individual body weights monitored as they participated in weight loss lifestyle interventions. As they worked to manage their weight with dietary changes and exercise, medical experts also offered customized programs and support. 

Over the course of 33 to 41 months, the study’s participants all lost weight. But what surprised researchers was the fact that both age groups lost nearly the same percentage of weight.