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Let’s discuss holistic wellness…

Too often, health and wellness care is centered only around the doctor's office. While there is undoubtedly a place for Western medicine, we believe in looking at the whole person. You are more than a bundle of symptoms, and there is more to health than a prescription. Many of the health conditions women suffer today are heightened by stress, anxiety, and depression. These are trying times, and all of us are under pressure. That's why we believe that true healing starts from within with a holistic look at health through self-love and self-care. 

Emotional, mental, and physical health all make up a part of your wellbeing. And these pillars are dependent on each other. For example, emotional conditions like depression and anxiety can lead to mental health issues like stress. In turn, stress can lead to physical ailments, such as migraines and headaches. Though an aspirin might help relieve the pain of the headache, it doesn't get down to the source of the problem. Holistic wellness aims at looking at the whole picture, not just one body part. Here's another typical example: many women suffer from gastrointestinal issues. GI issues can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, which can lead to stress, fatigue, and frustration. This perfect place for self-love and self-care to come in! A balance of lifestyle modifications, including self-help, physical fitness, healthy eating, and environmental changes, can help. These daily care routines help manage current symptoms, but they can also help find the root of the problem. Here's the beautiful thing - at the same time, these practices support your whole self and promote wellness.

 Loving yourself means looking deep and seeing what you need for personal happiness and growth. You have healing powers within you that you can tap into. These are yours, and yours alone. What is right for you might be different than what is right for others. Holistic care recognizes that. 

You have the inner wisdom to promote your own health. For example, yoga, journaling, or getting enough sleep might be part of your daily routine for wellbeing. These things might not be on a traditional prescription pad, but these safe and natural methods can be beneficial. In other words, doing things that help your mental health will improve your physical wellness and vice versa.

When imbalances occur on one of the pillars of emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing, it affects the others. This is why holistic care is a partnership, helping you find the best methods for you. It isn't always easy. Our culture does not always promote self-care or self-love, especially in women. But there is so much to be gained on this path. There is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than a woman who cares for herself.