The Mad River Valley is just about the geographical heart of Vermont, and it sure looks like it. Broad, high-walled against the outside world, with forested slopes and snowy pastures … if scenery was more important to you than skiing, you’d be psyched. But you don’t have to choose, because this is the Valley, and the skiing here, even if you’re not taking into consideration a certain neighboring resort of rugged repute, kicks ass. What you do have to choose is which Sugarbush, because Alterra’s newest acquisition comes with two mountains, and it’s really hard to pick. Some days you want the rough and tumble, low-frills, max-vert Mt. Ellen (2,600 feet, continuous). Some days you feel like a little Lincoln Peak, maybe soak up some sun and then a Sip of Sunshine at the Castlerock Pub. “Love the fact that one side feels like a resort and the other side is old-style New England,” says one reader.