Boost Oxygen Think Tank canisters provide respiratory support and brain-boosting nootropic effects through pure oxygen infused with a Rosemary aroma inhaled straight from the canister. The smell of Rosemary is said to increase short-term memory up to 75 percent, while upping your oxygen intake can improve mood, memory, energy, and reaction time.

After testing it for a month, we felt the brain benefits and it proved an important lifeline when Colorado wildfires destroyed the air quality. Being able to consume pure oxygen when all of the air was tainted with ash made us feel healthier and more safe.

We loved the little burst of rosemary. The scent wasn’t overpowering; instead, the piney fragrance complimented the stream of fresh oxygen, acting like on-demand aroma therapy. The moment you pull the trigger on the canister, you instantly get a pleasant head rush that lasts for one to two minutes. We felt revitalized and alert, kind of like drinking a large cup of coffee without having to deal with caffeine or the jitters.