Over the past decade yoga has become one of the most popular fitness modalities in the United States, and what was once a simple physical practice is now a billion-dollar industry with offshoots such as Boxing Yoga, Bikram Yoga, PiYo and yoga with goats (seriously). But you can adopt some simple dynamic yoga moves that will enhance your performance without being climbed on by a goat.

Modern yoga emphasizes balance, flexibility, mobility, strength, breath control and coordination — all skills needed for optimal performance, making it the ideal accessory to any sports-specific training program. Case in point: A 2016 study published in the International Journal of Yoga found that after 10 weeks, a group of college athletes who attended biweekly yoga classes measurably improved their balance and flexibility, and gained an average of two inches on their sit-and-reach test over the control group. Their regular yoga practice would likely translate to improved agility and reactivity on the field, according to the experts.

Ameliorate your own skills and drills with these dynamic yoga poses. Use them either as a preworkout warm-up or as a postworkout cool-down to improve squat mechanics, increase shoulder flexibility and promote lumbar spine health, among other benefits.