We constantly hear it from our trainers and therapists.   “Recovery is the most important aspect of a workout”.

This is true, however did you know that what makes recovery effective is the specificity of our recovery program.   That means, that yes, there is actually a wrong way to recover.

So let’s talk foot recovery.  

With our feet carrying the weight of our daily movements, if any area of our body deserves a little TCL it is them.   

Are you currently recovering your feet?

If so, how are you recovering your feet?

If you are looking to upgrade your foot recovery game or to start an easy and effective foot recovery program – we got you covered!

 Your Foolproof Foot Recovery Program

We recommend the following three steps to performed daily, ideally at the end of a long workout or end of the day.

Step 1 – 5 Point Neuro Ball Release

The below 5 points on the foot correlate to certain muscles and tendons that insert and cross the bottom of the foot.   By hitting these 5 points in a pin-point pressure release you are sure to feel that ideal foot relaxation and letting go of foot tension. 


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