Accel Lifestyle

Let’s talk gym clothes for a second. More specifically, let’s talk about how they smell. 

They smell awful because they are full of bacteria...gross! We don’t blame you for reaching for that favorite shirt from college, but over time, no matter how much you wash that shirt, traditional detergents will not help. If your clothes look clean but smell bad… they are not clean. For that reason… we created a BETTER fabric.

Our Prema™ fabric will naturally block out the bacteria from your sweat and leave you with a cleaner shirt. Not only will your Accel gear continue to smell fresh after multiple workouts and washes, it will literally be clean because bacteria won’t seep into it in the first place.

Designed with sweating, movement and an elevated experience in mind, Accel Lifestyle has consciously created a revolutionary fabric that carries you through your active lifestyle: inside and outside of the gym.


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