Eirtree Health


Live Hypo™ by Eirtree Health (pronounced Air-Tree) gives a revolutionary alternative for health-conscious consumers to enjoy vitamins and more through a cutting edge clinically proven skin spray technology.

Eirtree Health products are manufactured in cGMP facilities here in the United States. All ingredients are sourced and triple tested for purity.

What makes Live Hypo by Eirtree different:

  • • Revolutionary application method: Skin spray formulation is a patented, clinically tested technology proven to deliver superior absorption results.
  • • Founded in science: All Eirtree Health products are rigorously designed and tested to hold in a formulation. Unlike pills and tinctures, Eirtree products are not affected by humidity, moisture or temperature.
  • • Clinically proven technology: The skin spray technology has been clinically tested to deliver via our metered sprayer with 99.9% efficiency. This far exceeds the bioavailability of oral pills, tinctures and topical creams.