Montana Mex

Happy people. Healthy products.

When we say happy people we really mean everyone – whether that's consumers, employees, suppliers or store owners, the aim is to have everyone smiling. We find things are just better that way. we always try to be fair, honest, open and aim to have no skeletons in the closet - except on Halloween... of course, healthy products are at the heart of what we‘re doing!

Once upon a time... we found that the Mexican food available in stores simply wasn‘t cutting it – every product was full of chemicals and preservatives that you need a science degree to pronounce…

our little group of friends decided we couldn’t let this go on and hence set out, in our spacesuits, to conquer the Food Universe one step at a time. we learned everything we could, created recipes, designed packaging, filled in more forms than you can imagine and got serious about getting our goodies out there... we now have a cute little trio of seasonings, some superhero sauces and a phenomenal avocado oil - all of which help your food pop with flavor and help you get creative in the kitchen :) yay!


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