OYO Fitness

We founded OYO Fitness to incorporate SpiraFlex technology into fitness equipment that can be used where you are right now – providing the same benefits as weights, without the weight. A full gym in your hands anytime, anywhere. Fitness that fits your lifestyle.

OYO is one of the fastest growing brands in the fitness industry, now expanding international distribution in Europe, Asia and South America. The OYO Personal Gym being the 2nd highest raise for fitness products in Kickstarter history (The highest funded fitness product in Kickstarter history is OYO’s NOVA Gym), is proven worldwide to be one of the best home gym product available in the market.

The SPIRAFLEX Technology, invented by the founder of OYO, SpiraFlex resistance technology has been used by NASA for over 10 years to keep astronauts fit on the International Space Station. A NASA study proved SpiraFlex increased muscle size and strength as much as free-weights.

Astronaut Dr. Leroy Chiao, former NASA commander: “SpiraFlex resistance technology kept me in shape during my 6 months on the International Space Station – and I returned stronger than before I left.” Now he uses SpiraFlex in his OYO Gym to stay fit while traveling to speaking engagements around the world.