Sleep Crown

Sleep is the most essential recovery tool we have and something that we need to do well in order to look, feel, and perform our best. Tailoring your own personal sleep sanctuary for maximum comfort is key to optimizing your sleep. Sleep Crown has taken pillow imagining to a whole new level. Founded by a Restorative Yoga teacher and handmade in Austin, Texas… Sleep Crown Pillows is on a mission to help you get proper, uninterrupted sleep.

Sleep research reveals that it’s not just the number of hours of sleep you get every night, but that it’s crucially important that those hours of sleep are uninterrupted. The Sleep Crown Classic is an over-head pillow engineered to cocoon your head and block out light, muffle sound, and provide a gentle weight to insulate you from ambient disruptions that can wake you in the middle of your restorative deep sleep cycles. A smaller version is also available… the Sleep Crown Traveler, as well as Regal Eyes, a strap-free eye soothing pillow. All Sleep Crown pillows are made from super soft bamboo jersey knit fabric.