From the Northeast to Hawaii, there are countless gorgeous waterfalls that are certain to mesmerize you. (However, some of them have eerie pasts.)

These are some of the most beautifully haunted waterfalls in the United States …

Lower Falls – Yellowstone National Park, WY

The haunting story of the 308-foot Lower Falls begins back in 1870 when white militiamen were making their way across Yellowstone Canyon. The men were accompanied by a Crow guide who warned them about the isolated “Sheepeater Tribe” which now are believed to have been a semi-nomadic, sub-tribe of the Shoshone (possibly the Tukadeka).

The story goes that this tribe stole the horses of the militia one night. Since the militia and their Crow guide were a smaller group than the tribe, they were able to catch up to the tribe who were crossing above the dangerous Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River.

The militia watched the tribe (women and men) meet their death as they drifted over the falls. Legend says that the men of the tribe chanted their death song (which is personal to each individual) as they stoically met their fate. It is said that two eagles appeared, screamed and flew over the falls after the incident, which seemed to be a fitting tribute.

It is also said that if you stand at the platform by the falls you can sometimes hear the chanting of the tribe. (Also the falls can appear red at times.)