This article originally appeared in Oxygen.

There’s no magic shortcut to changing your body composition. No matter how you approach your goals, it takes hard work and time to reach them. But if fat loss is one of your training objectives, the good news is there are some ways you can tweak your existing workouts to accelerate your progress. 
We tapped Mike Ranfone, CSCS, founder of Ranfone Training Systems, for his training tactics to kick up the fat burn in any workout you want to take to the next level. 

  1. Complement Your Weighted Lower-Body Training

One way to instantly ramp up calorie burn during a traditional weight workout is to intersperse bouts of plyometric or cardio activities in between your regular sets. 
Ranfone’s favorite pairings start with a compound exercise followed by a complementary bodyweight movement that either focuses on the agonist (same) or antagonist muscle group.