Ever wave hello and notice a little jiggle under your bicep that keeps moving even after your arm stopped? Yup, those are called “bat wings,” aka “underarm flab” or simply “flabby triceps”.

“Bat wings can be the bane of our lives,” says Alex Parren, U.K.-based  Sundried certified personal trainer.

“The most important thing to remember is that you can’t ‘spot reduce’ an area,” says Parren.

Translation: You can do every arms exercise listed here every day, but if you don’t also amp up your cardio and follow a healthy diet to reduce your overall body fat, you won’t see the results you want. Try going for a brisk walk or a run twice a week, or going swimming or cycling, he suggests. “All of this combined will mean that eventually your arms will be something to be proud of and you’ll want to show them off.”