Finding pet-friendly hotels that are right for you and your beloved four-legged travel companion is always challenging when planning a trip. You need to find a place that accepts all pets, won’t gouge you for the furry plus-one (especially if you’re already shelling out for high-end luxury), and covers all the essentials (e.g. green space, new smells, nearby territory marking potential, etc.).

Some pet-friendly hotels are only dog-friendly. Others are only small-dog-friendly. Others still are only super-small or very-specific-type-of-dog friendly. Some charge per night or per booking for your added companion. Others require a steep deposit. It’s an extra task just tailoring the place to your specific pet—let alone figuring out how much more it’s gonna cost you.

To help you with this search, here are some of our favorite pet-friendly hotels that will warmly welcome your furry pal—equipped with ideal nearby amenities (a park or beach) for them too. For your own additional search, we recommend BringFido as a starting point and always cross-checking with the hotel, as policies can frequently change. The following pet friendly accommodations deserve at least four-and-a-half licks.