This article originally appeared in Shape.

A jump rope may have been your go-to toy at recess way back in elementary school, but considering hopping with one boosts cardiovascular endurance, improves hand-eye coordination, and challenges agility, the affordable piece of equipment more than deserves to be a part of your workout routine today. And since a rope weighs just a few pounds and folds up neatly, you can tote it practically anywhere.

But there is at least one place a jump rope just can't go: Your cramped living room with a six-foot-tall ceiling. In a single swing, it could knock over your plant stand, put a dent into your ceiling, and scratch up your hardwood floors. If you're living in a rented space, you can say goodbye to your security deposit. 

Luckily, there's a genius solution for this first world problem — and it's not hopping up and down while flicking your wrists and pretending an invisible rope is swinging underneath your feet. Enter: Cordless jump ropes, which have the same grippy handles as legit jump ropes but ditch the single 9-foot-long rope in favor of two that are less than a foot long. The balls on the ropes' ends help keep your wrist movements in sync and add a bit of weight, making the innovative piece of equipment feel just like the real deal. Since you won't need to stop and re-start your jumps every time the rope gets tangled or hits your feet, however, your workout is even more efficient.