Are you in a toxic relationship with your scale? Does the number reflecting your weight often determine your mood causing you to feel happy, sad, confident, frustrated or lost? Does this number tend to dictate your self-worth? Have you ever wondered why you value the opinion of this object? If you answered yes to any of these questions, now is the time to break up with your scale and find your true happiness. 

Letting go may seem difficult, as if you’ll have to fly blind without a crutch. How else will you measure your success?

We’re Trained to Care About Our Weight

Society teaches us to value the number on this scale. Our medical system determines our body mass index (BMI) based on height and weight. This basic measure does not look at genetic structure, muscle or internal health but rather a number that has haunted many of us for years. The BMI is a reference range and does not depict who we are inside and out. It does not measure our worth or success. Plus, social media comparisons, transformations and weight-loss challenges can make it very hard to ignore what the scale says.