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Running came into my life three years ago—and it's here to stay. Through all the changes and challenges, it has become my source of energy, inspiration, health, and optimism.

Last year alone, I finished two marathons, three half marathons, and many other shorter-distance races. Whenever I share my running adventures with my colleagues or friends, the first question I'm asked is "Where do you find the time?" Although marathon training can be intense, the biggest challenge many runners face, including myself, is finding the time to train.

As a publicist who's normally juggling demanding work, weekend and evening events, teaching at college as a side gig, a daily commute from the suburbs, and constant desire to be in the know (hi, FOMO), I know what lack of time means. Since running has become such an important part of my life and I know that it gives me countless benefits—both physical and emotional—I don't let external circumstances get in the way.