This article originally appeared in Well+Good.

Whether you’re a jogger or runner, there’s a very good chance that you wish you could kick it up a notch every once in a while. After all, who doesn’t love a PR? With this in mind, we decided to look into the myth of butt kicks for speed. In doing so, we were able to uncover a variety of tricks to enhance your running speed.

There’s a rumor circulating on the web that if you kick your butt you’ll get a little extra boost from the hamstring contractions, thereby taking longer strides. But is it true? According to Strava running coach Megan Roche, MD, not necessarily.

"Building hamstring strength is key for running power, however, the goal of running, particularly running over 400 meters is not to have longer strides,” she says. “Optimal cadence ranges from 165 to 190 depending on individual characteristics. Stride power is best supported via knee drive, consisting of ‘high-heel recovery,’ or hip-driven foot lift, underneath your body, in a cyclical motion.” If that feels like a whole lot of science to you, you’re not alone. Fortunately for us, Dr. Roche says that watches and apps like Strava can help athletes cue into their cadence.