Health and wellness is always a priority here at LifeToGo, so as the need for hand sanitizer became more apparent, we jumped into action, developing a product that cleanses and moisturizes. It’s a winning combination, and one we are proud to offer.

The LifeToGo sanitizer is 70% alcohol and made with aloe vera. With its mild Ocean Fresh scent, the gel sanitizer smells as good as it feels, while also confidently providing quality sanitation. We know our customers are a busy bunch, so each bottle features a flip-top cap that’s easy to open for quick access. The 8 ounce bottles are $4.99 each and are available exclusively on LifeToGo.

“This is an extraordinary time for Americans as we tackle the new day-to-day challenges in maintaining our health and safety,” said LifeToGo Editor-in-Chief Lisa Pounds. “I am extremely proud of the LifeToGo team, and our colleagues at Accelerate, who acted quickly to develop, source, and deliver this new line of PPEs in unprecedented time to meet the incredible demand of our community.”

The hand sanitizer is just one element of the new line of LifeToGo PPE Items.  In the coming weeks, customers will have access to 3 Ply disposable masks, gloves, fabric face masks, disinfectant wipes and Safety Kits for the ultimate on-the-go safety solution.