Chick’n Tacos with Satay Sauce

Here’s the full recipe for this super easy, incredibly delicious weeknight dinner:

Heat a package of @drpraegers plant based Chick’n tenders in a toaster oven. Heat at 450 degrees for 14 minutes, flipping the tenders halfway through. Use either the classic or gametime Buffalo Chick’n - both are delicious! The gametime Buffalo has some extra spice to it, which is excellent in this meal.

While chick’n is cooking, make an almond butter satay sauce. Whisk together these ingredients until smooth:
- 2/3 cup all natural almond butter (no added sugar, or salt) such as @barneybutter
- 4 tbsp Bragg Liquid Aminos (or gluten free soy sauce)
- 3 tbsp apple cider vinegar
- 2 tbsp sesame oil
- 1/3 cup water

Heat 2 tsp sesame oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Add a 12oz package of broccoli slaw, toss, and heat for several minutes.
After the chick’n tenders are cooked, chop into medium-sized pieces.
Add almond butter satay sauce to broccoli slaw and toss to combine. Add the cooked, chopped chick’n tenders to skillet and toss.
Add mixture to corn tortillas. I used @missionfoodsus
Serves 3-4, depending on how hungry you are.