In 2013 Peter Rushford switched up his athletic routine to embrace crossfit and yoga. He also moved to a Paleo diet, and was disappointed in the selection of trail mixes he kept coming across in the grocery store. It was then he decided to take matter into his own hands. 

“What I found was either cheap or not that healthy. I saw there was room to disrupt the category,” Rushford said. 

And with that, Shar Snacks was born.  

Rushford put a premium on ingredients and the places where those ingredients came from, so he began a global, yes, global search, for the very best almonds, pecans, cashews, pistachios, cherries, blueberries, dark chocolate and coconut he could find.  

That search led him to California, Texas, Washington, Massachusetts, Sri Lanka and Vietnam to small family-owned farms that are big on growing their respective fruits and nuts organically. It was exactly what Rushford wanted for his hand-mixed snacks. 

“Consumers today are looking for healthy snack options and they want to know where their food is coming from,” Rushford said. “There is a growing movement toward sustainability.” 

Shar Snacks are not only healthy and tasty, but the packaging reflects the company's dedication to the environment as well. Unlike plastic bags, the packaging is recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. Shar Snacks can be purchased in bulk and refill the Shar Snack tube too. 

A lifelong athlete and nature enthusiast, Rushford dedicates 20% of its net profits to The Conservation Alliance every year too.  

“We are members of The Conservation Alliance and want to give back. The Conservation Alliance funds and advocates for the protection of North America’s wild places and national parks.” 

LifeToGo is pleased to work with Rushford’s Austin-based company, introducing the Shar Snacks selection to our community. You will find a variety of options including: 

-Shār Snacks 1.5oz- 3-Pack Mini Pack Impossibly Good Trail Mix 

- Shār Snacks 1lb Eco Bag  Impossibly Good Trail Mix 

- Shār Snacks | 2.5lb Eco Bag | Impossibly Good Trail Mix 

- Shār Snacks | 3.7oz — 3-Pack Shār Tube | Impossibly Good Trail Mix 

- Shār Snacks | Holiday Gift Set | Impossibly Good Trail Mix